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Jenny's cushions and quilts are all hand-made by herself in her small studio in Suffolk. The cushions make a great addition to any room and the quilts are wonderful to either snuggle under whilst relaxing, or as an extra blanket in the winter-time.

Using original designs or traditional patchwork patterns, all Jenny's cushions and quilts are made to the highest standard.

Both the cushions and the quilts can be made extra special by using fabrics from favourite outfits and this will make them a wonderful gift for any occasion. They are something different, something you know they don't have, something that shows you care.


What do you do with all those lovely clothes your children have outgrown?  Rather than storing them in a cupboard, never to be seen again, let me transform them into a beautiful and useful quilt. 

Creating a unique quilt from cherished clothes makes a wonderful gift or keepsake because:
•    it's full of memories from occasions when the clothes were worn
•    it's a truly unique item as it's only made from your clothes
•    the clothes have already been washed, so it's fully washable
•    it's an extra blanket to snuggle under in the winter-time

A memory quilt is a wonderful way of transforming outgrown clothes into a unique keepsake and is a truly great way to celebrate any occasion.

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