A little bit about where I live and a very short biography

Sudbourne is situated in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), and is truly beautiful. We are surrounded by forests and farmland, with the river about 1 mile away and the coast a short drive. I look out of my window and see a thousand shades of green, I listen and the main sound I hear is birdsong.

I live here with my family, my dogs, chickens, ferrets and Fred the peacock. Daisy, my jack-russell, loves to chase Fred, but so far he has managed to avoid her.

Mum taught me to sew and knit as a child, and I've sewn ever since. We went to a beginners course on quilt-making about ten years ago and I love making quilts and cushions. The first quilt I made was featured in a quilt book by a well-known quilting author.

I am listed on the Crafts Council Register of Makers

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